Certified Carpet Steam Cleaners Canberra

Carpet Cleaning Canberra’s technicians are completely qualified and provided with the correct equipment and solutions to remove many different kinds of spots and stains that can appear on your carpet. We are professional carpet cleaning Canberra– we provide wide range of carpet cleaning in Canberra including Carpet Dry Cleaning Canberra, Carpet Steam Cleaning Canberra. When you order our service, we will conduct an initial evaluation of the carpet cleaning requirements at your belongings. This will mean assessing the brutality of the stains to determine the cleaning equipment and solutions required

Proper equipment

A cheap carpet cleaning service is often characterized by having portable cleaning tools. This kind of equipment can be rented from the local superstore for an even cheaper price, if you ever wanted to try attempting it yourself. However, doing this will often lead to even worse results. Go with a good cleaning service with the right kind of equipment. A good cleaning company will have truck mounted cleaning equipment to qualify as someone that you should consider going with.

Carpet steam Cleaning Canberra

The right cleaning solutions

A first-class cleaning service uses super expert cleaning solutions. These solutions leave little residue and can get through to the most stubborn spots, sticky stains, and nasty spills that ordinary home cleaning agents can’t.  Even a cheap carpet cleaning service’s cleaning solutions can’t do the job as well. While they may get rid of spots and stains initially, these solutions often leave residue behind and aren’t powerful enough to remove them from your carpets and rugs completely.

Carpet cleaning Canberra

Qualified for the job

When choosing a carpet cleaning service, look for one that has recommendations or reviews on their website. This will assure you that the service you are getting will be well worth your hard earned money.  Aside from this, going with a quality company also gives you the assurance that the personnel who will attend to your cleaning needs are well- qualified to do the job, having received proper training on procedures and cleaning agents used.  A cleaning job cannot be done speedily. It takes a run-through of your home, followed by a deep vacuuming job, pre-spotting, and then steam cleaning followed by another walk-through with the cleaning service certified.

Don’t just settle for a cheap carpet cleaning service. Look for an excellent company that has the right equipment for the job, the right cleaning solutions, and capable personnel that know the proper techniques and procedures. You will save yourself money in the long run by doing it right the first time.


10 Easy Carpet Cleaning Tips

1.Vacuum Regularly. Proper maintenance is the best advice for keeping a clean carpet.

2.Keep a rag/towel by the door. This can be used to wipe pet’s paws and other messes brought in from the outside.

3.Blot. Do not rub the carpet. Rubbing may damage the fibers as well as set the stain in further into the carpet.

4.Call a professional carpet cleaner. Doing regular, deep cleanings will increase the life of your carpet and make cleaning easier for you as well. A regular steam cleaning is recommended about once every 6 months.

5.Keep slippers for guests. House slippers are a good way to keep shoes and dirt away from your clean carpets.Refuge-Recovery-Clinic-Carpet-Cleaning6.Put a damp rag with a heavy object on the stain over night. Some stains may come back after treating because they go so deep into the pad. Using a heavy object will help absorb as much of the stain as possible into the rag instead of your carpet pad.

7.Act quickly. The faster you can get to the problem spot, the less likely it will become a long-term problem. Using warm water and a damp towel will take care of most fresh spills.

8.Use light cleaning products. Try not to use heavy cleaning products that can damage your carpet.

9.Never use high heat to treat a stain. If you do not know the proper techniques and chemicals to get rid of the stain, using heat improperly can set the stain permanently by dying the fibers of the carpet.

10.Keep a doormat or rug by the door.Carpet Cleaning Service CanberraIt is important to keep you carpets clean as it can effect your health in the long run. Carpeting can actually improve indoor air quality, if properly cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. This is because your carpet is much more than a soft floor covering. It is the largest air filter in your home.

Carpet catches and holds soil, allergens, bacteria, pollens, dust mites, chemicals and other contaminants that would otherwise become airborne. The average American can spend up to 90% of their time indoors. Each time you walk into your home or office, you bring in pollutants of all kinds such as fertilizer from lawns or gardens, animal feces from dog parks or sidewalks and bacteria from public restroom floors.

Now, can you imagine your child or grandchild crawling across that very same carpet, putting their hands in their mouth or eyes? This is just one more reason to have your carpets regularly cleaned, whether they look dirty or not!


Stains Were Reappeared On My Cleaned Carpet…. What should I do now?

Have the stains re-appeared after your carpet cleaning? Although they are professionally cleaned then they just kept coming back. There are some stains that can be remarkably persistent, no matter how the stain itself is treated. At that time you have also option to battling these stains by hiring a professional that will keep working with you to make sure the stains are defeated. This reappearance of spots and stains on carpet is very common occurrence when a carpet is “cleaned” using a traditional shampoo and rinse method. At that time you have to take immediate action to remove these stains from carpet. These stains have set in overtime and keep returning to the surface of carpet. At that time it can be very frustrating. The process of reappearing stain on your carpet is called “wicking,” may get removed from the surface with traditional cleaning methods, but not from the carpeting or upholstery padding underneath. In this case, the stains will originate below the carpet fibers, in the backing or pad of the carpet. In other cases these stains will originates in the carpet fibers themselves.


Reasons why stains re-appeared on Carpets:-

  • The most common reason is that when your carpet cleaner is not properly rinsed off from the spot of carpet and it will re-create a problem called soiling. This leftover residue or soil on stain becomes sticky over time. There are some products which should be purchased at home improvement stores and they can leave behind sticky residues that attract dirt. When this remaining stain on carpet cleaner is left to stew in your carpet, it will begin to attract dirt, debris, and soil in the same spot making it appear like the same stain is coming back time and time again.

  • When you provide Carpet Cleaning Canberra then sometimes your carpet continues to absorb the moisture and the contents to the back of the carpet. These stains will be eventually pushed back up the fiber strands to the surface again and this process is also called wicking. This would be occurred when the substances were spilled on the carpet and they are soaked through into the backing of the carpet. At that time it is important that you have to clean your carpet by hot water extraction method.


How these stains should be treated:-

When you want to remove these stubborn stains from your carpet then it simply cannot be removed even by a professional. So it is the best way to work around the wick back of stains with the help of professional carpet cleaner and make sure that it should be very low moisture carpet cleaning method, which is a newer and more effective cleaning technology than those used by traditional Vapor steam cleaners. This method not only wet your carpet moderately. We all know that the carpet is not soaked with water then there should be no duct action is possible.  Additionally when you use low moisture carpet cleaning method then it helps to dry your carpet rapidly once cleaned and keeping the carpet dry is another very effective way to reduce wicking.

Is your Upholstery Suffered with Chewing Gum Stains? Tips to remove it….


When it is talk about to clean your upholstery then it is not an easy task. Over a time your upholstery is suffered with some wear and tear because it is the most usable things which should be used in your home. So at that time it is also important that you have to clean your upholstery every once in a year while. But when it is talk about chewing gum stains on upholstery then it is very hard to remove. Sometimes chewing gum gets on your clothes, furniture then you have a sticky situation on your hands. Once the chewing gum gets off on your upholstery then it is hardened to get rid from the problem. It should be very difficult to remove due to its sticky consistency. In most cases gum has to be removed before it causes upholstery damage such as flattening of the upholstery fiber. But at that time you don’t worry because there are so many effective gum removal techniques available.


Tips to remove Chewing stains from Upholstery:-

  • The best homemade remedy to remove chewing gum from your upholstery is with the help of ice cubes. In that case, you have to freeze the gum until it becomes hard and brittle and picked out of the upholstery. For that you have to take number of ice cubes gathered inside a plastic bag can be held against the affected area until the soft gum hardens up. Even if this method is effective but it takes some time for the gum to harden. By using this technique, this is more effective technique to provide more control when treating the affected area.
  • You have also use generous amount of solvent-based tar and adhesive remover directly onto the microfiber cloth. Before applied on the upholstery stain firstly you have to check on the small part of upholstery because when you directly upon the stain then it provide discoloration. After that you apply the cloth to the solution and put pressure on the area in a circular motion. You have to follow this procedure up again by cleaning the affected area with upholstery cleaner.
  • You have also use the mixture of liquid of dish washing soap and white distilled vinegar. After that you have to rub gently from the front and allow the mixture to sit on the fabric for at least fifteen minutes and then wash it with wet cloth. You have to check the stain before drying. After drying when it remains then you have to treat again with the soap and vinegar mixture and rewash.

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Yuck…. Build up of dust on my upholstery! How I fight it with?

When you have installed upholstery in your room then at that time it helps to provide different functionality in your home. They not only help to add beauty and elegance in your room but also it can also help to provide a comfortable zone in your home. At evening when you have to come from office then at that time you have to spend your most of time on that upholstery and on the other side there is an increased risk for stains on your favorite furniture pieces and also it should be infected by dust and debris. At that time it is impossible to keep soil and grime out of your house completely. So it is the best way if you provide regular vacuuming and professional upholstery cleaning in one year, it helps to keep your furniture clean and fresh. With the help of vacuum cleaner it helps to provide smoothness to your upholstery. It helps to get rid of all the upper layer of dirt and surface dust from your upholstery fabric. It helps to allow you to remove dust from those areas that are not usually seen. Vacuuming only removes dirt and dust. When you have to provide frequent cleanings to your upholstery then it will help to avoid this situation, when the build-up is no longer removable with normal cleaning, it will require more powerful solutions to break it loose. When you go with professional upholstery cleaning then it will address to moderate and heavy soil conditions in your upholstery. So at that time you have to need professional cleaning on soil build-up, traffic, type and color of carpeting. It should be recommended that you have to take deep cleaning of your upholstery at every 12 – 18 months with normal soil rate. This is the best advice of those to take professional cleaning services before they become totally saturated with soil.


How to reduce the buildup of soil from upholstery:-

  • There are so many stains on your upholstery and spills which are to be expected. Over time, when you have to use cheap and less effective solution on the upholstery then it becomes fades away and leaving your upholstery susceptible to staining. At that time if you want to refresh the performance of stain resistant upholstery then you have to creating a barrier around the fibers of upholstery to resist soiling and staining by allowing spills to be removed before staining can occur.

  • When your upholstery should be trapped with some stubborn stains then at that time you have to need a piece of dry, soft cloth to perform a blotting action. Now you have to sprinkling some talcum powder or cornstarch on the surface of upholstery and allowed it to sit for few minutes and then you have to brush gently away using a brush with soft bristles. Now you have to repeat this process for a couple of times. This technique should be works on any type of fabric.

  • You have also take deep cleaning services to your upholstery because when there are dust mites are goes down in the deep of the upholstery then at that time you have to need professional upholstery cleaning services. It should be widely recommended that you do so at least once a year. This also helps to avoid damage to your upholstery because professionals always use an effective stain remover to remove all the dust. Also, try not to wait too long before cleaning the new stain. If you do, it will be more difficult to remove.

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How mattress cleaning turns your Bed room free from harmful allergens

You all know that when there are spread of dust and particles on your mattress then they are usually without you even detecting them and with this reason there are so many people who are suffering from asthma and allergies and they are crucial to assure you that your mattress will not cause more harm to your health. Dust mites are tiny bugs that are mostly found in human habitats, such as their house, couch and bed so that they are able to boom in your living environment. These types of dust mites can cause all the itching and breathless problems that make it hard to truly relax. Most people can live happily live their house and they are unaware of presence of dust mites and also they do not realize that they are present in their room and they comfortably rest on their bedding. But over a time when that people are suffered from dust mite allergy, they can cause a whole host of unpleasant symptoms. These can include itchy skin, red eyes, running nose and also cause asthma type symptoms. When we talk about your room then there is maximum number of dust particles in your mattresses and also they cause allergens in our homes, including molds, bacteria and dust mites.  These dust mites are always floating in a beam of sunlight that should be include dead mites and their waste products and these types of waste products can actually irritate the allergic reaction. So at that time you have to need regular cleaning of your mattress because when you provide routine cleaning then it helps to maintain your bedroom and make it dust-free. They also help to reduce the exposure to several kinds of pests and another important cause of asthma. Clean Sleep Mattress Cleaning Canberra provide same day professional onsite mattress steam cleaning services. 

mattress cleaning canberra

Methods which help to reduce the allergens from your mattress:-

  • You all know that the major cause of dust mites in your home are due to the growth of mold because they creates spores that are present in your mattress until a little moisture allows them to grow and bloom. At that time when you provide cleaning services to your mattress with water-based methods then it provides the humid conditions and the problem of mold actually make the problem worse. When you have to use water-based cleaning then it also requires drying time to dry completely, which can help to stop the growth of mold and mildew in your just-cleaned mattress.
  • You have also gone with antibacterial cleaners which are mostly designed to remove and prevent harmful bacteria from your mattress. But one thing should be noted that when you have to choosing a spray or solutions then you have to make sure that there is absence of bleach because it will harm the mattress fibers and covering. In this method you have to spray this solution or antibacterial spray across all surfaces of your mattress which includes top, bottom and other sides. After that you have to dip a clean rag in warm water and bring it out as much as possible to wipe down all surfaces after they have been sprayed totally.
  • You have also use a mixture of mild dish soap with water to remove the allergens from your home. You have also wiped the area with a sponge that has had warm water wrung from it. After that you have not provide interior padding of the mattress to get wet and allowed the area to dry thoroughly and when the temperature is too warm then you have dried your mattress quickly outside.